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Festival Highlights 2017

Participating in a festival on your tour has many benefits. Festivals generate more publicity via the support of their sponsors and the local town hall, drawing the crowds specifically to watch your ensemble. Amazing venues (which might be unaffordable or have restricted access for a one-off performance) may be available to perform in. This can range from concerts on Mondays at the Bach Monument in Leipzig to San Gimignano Town Square or Aix Cathedral or the Ruínas do Carmo – Museu Arqueológico do Carmo in Lisbon.

OneStage has enjoyed receiving feedback and photos from our groups who participated in the Lisbon Music Fest and The Provencal Festival of Youth Orchestras this summer. Sutton Youth Orchestra stayed in Lisbon and played the Ruínas do Carmo to more than 300 people and in Evora Square to an audience of 800+. Essex Youth Orchestra and Jazz Band also toured to Lisbon and performed in Mosteiro da Batalha, the Museu dos Coches and the Fórum da Parreirinha. See more photos on our facebook page and more photos from Sutton on tour

” I would thoroughly recommend performing as part of the Lisbon Music Fest to other groups. This is a very well organised, professionally run festival with outstanding venues and well promoted concerts. We’re proud to be the first of what I am sure will be many groups from England (and only the second from the UK) to perform at this festival in years to come.  The spectacular venues and large appreciative audiences that we experienced at the Lisbon Music Fest will live long in the memories of staff and students alike. Thank you for another fantastic tour!” 

Lewis Gibbs, Head of Sutton Music Service.




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