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Be Inspired: Sing at a Christmas Market

It’s not too late to enquire about an Autumn tour or to sing at a Christmas market.  A tour can be a short as a weekend away, leaving Friday and coming back on Sunday.

Imagine: shop for traditional gifts amongst the stalls, entertain the crowds with your mesmerising voices, soak up the atmosphere amongst the dazzling Christmas lights and warm up those frozen fingers with a creamy hot chocolate or mulled wine.  Sample the selection of local delicacies on offer like sausages, pork knuckle and dumplings, pastries, gingerbread and festive sweets.

Croydon High School Senior School Choir sang at Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market and combined this with a Midday Prayer Service at the Cathedral over a December weekend. Take your ensemble on a similar weekend break and choose from a variety of destinations including Lille, The Black Forest, Cologne, Munich, Prague and Budapest. You can prepare a 40-minute set (of secular music) to impress the shoppers and see if you can get them to join in.

Treat yourselves to a pre-Christmas adventure in 2018. 


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