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Music Tours in Liechtenstein: the sixth-smallest country in the world

A mix of ensembles from the Lancaster Grammar School for Girls showed Vaduz how it’s done this summer during the last of their ‘Four Countries, Four Concerts’ series, following outstanding performances in Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria. These talented young ladies rocked the town square before enjoying a walk up to the stunning, princely abode perched about Vaduz’s city centre to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Not many can say that they have temporarily raised the population of a country by 0.25% in one year: OneStage, on the other hand, can proudly boast this having sent two tours down to the doubly-landlocked principality this year for successful concerts and enjoyable sightseeing.

The composer Josef Rheinberger is arguably Liechtenstein’s most famous export (aside from false teeth) and Heritage Masterworks Chorale travelled to Vaduz this autumn specifically to perform a variety of his works in the beautiful Cathedral of St Florin. The group travels in order to perform works of composers in their home city or country and the citizens of Vaduz were certainly not disappointed with their offering. Members of the Rheinberger Association as well as a relative of the composer himself were enchanted with the performance, giving a standing ovation at the end of the concert. Followed by a mass in the Cathedral the next morning, the stunning location has left an impression on the group leader, conductor and composer Tim Knight.

‘We don’t like to be in the ‘normal’ venues that choirs tour to and we appreciated that the off the beaten track speciality that this tour needed may be a problem, however our dealing with One stage has proved to stress free and helpful, all of my choir members had a wonderful time in stunning locations with excellent hospitality…’ Tim Knight


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