Why book with OneStage

Every company wants to tell you how different they are, and how they offer the best service and OneStage is no exception of course. We don’t believe in ‘hard sell’ or pressurizing you into particular destinations or decisions: but we do believe that our tours are the best thought through, and provide the friendliest and most musically focused service in the business. After all, it’s in our name…

Here are just some of the things that we think set OneStage apart from other tour companies:

Our Musical Integrity

We are all musicians who have performed at various levels nationally and internationally and we’ll always discuss your concert aims and repertoire with you at an early stage. Music tours is our sole focus at OneStage.

The Personal Touch

We will visit you to discuss the tour, we can attend your tour presentation sessions and we sometimes even visit you whilst on tour.


We can arrange tours for ensembles as small as 12 players, and as large as 200+. Our concert proposals are adapted to the standard and level at which you are comfortable performing and take in to account your budget.


We know you often have to present a range of quotations from different companies. Please talk to us about how we can make your tour fit your requirements. Every tour has a different specification.

Experienced Tour Managers

Our tour managers are some of the best in the business and are not just an ‘extra passenger’ or inexperienced student.

Assistance on Inspection Trips

The recce trip is a vital part of tour planning and organisation. We always try and accompany you on your trip to take care of the driving, navigation and translation so that you can focus on your paperwork and we can plan your tour together.

Going the Extra Mile

Booking restaurants near your venues; streamlining the itinerary; looking after your drivers in single rooms; producing an itinerary that works. These are just some of the services which we feel are integral to the detailing of your tour.

This is just a selection of some of the best reasons for booking your tour with OneStage. If you’d like to read the full document or contact us to ask for more details on a particular tour project, click here.

To browse the site and get inspiration for your next tour, click here.

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