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Rheinfels CastleKD Line Sesselbahn It is easy to see why the Rhineland is such a popular destination, as with every twist of the river, dramatic gorges, fairytale castles and medieval villages are unveiled.

Visits can be pleasantly punctuated with cable car rides, funiculars and boat trips. Phantastialand Theme-park provides a great day out for youth groups and adult groups will appreciate the excellent cuisine and local wines which can be tasted in vineyards and cellars throughout the region.

Popular places to stay include the vibrant city of Cologne in the north (where choirs can perform at the Cathedral) or the lively towns of Boppard or Rudesheim.

Concert opportunities for all types of ensemble are in abundance including high profile churches and cathedrals, spa concert halls, summer stages, impressively large band stands and festivals.

The Rhineland is accessible in a day’s coaching from the UK and by choosing accommodation in a comfortable guest houses or a high quality youth hostel, concert tours to this area can be extremely good value.

Germany has an extremely rich musical heritage, which lives on today in the German's love of music. Even the smallest towns in Germany often boast their own "Musikverein", (musical organisation) and a concert hall or opera house in common-place even in smaller towns.