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Germany – Black Forest


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Groups visiting the Black Forest are usually based in one of the historic cities of Freiburg or Strasbourg in Alsace (France); or if preferred, in guest houses in more typical, picturesque German towns and villages. The Black Forest is a good year round destination, with a varied selection of well-attended concert venues in local concert halls, churches and as part of long-standing, well-supported concert series.

As well as historic cities, the region boasts pristine forest and pastureland, quirky little medieval timber-built towns and ubiquitous cuckoo clocks and interesting carpentry.

Excursions can be arranged to the Black Forest Open Air Museum, waterfalls, woodland walks, Lake Konstanz (in the south) and Europapark Themepark (Alsace).

Enterprising groups might also enjoy a taking part in a “make your own Black Forest Gateau” class.

Germany has an extremely rich musical heritage, which lives on today in the German's love of music. Even the smallest towns in Germany often boast their own "Musikverein", (musical organisation) and a concert hall or opera house in common-place even in smaller towns.