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Many of the concerts we organise on an annual basis are part of local music or cultural festivals, but some choirs and ensembles like to make a festival the sole focus of their tour.

We’re able to facilitate participation in many different festivals, both competitive and non-competitive.  Some high-profile festivals that we’re delighted to work with on an annual basis include the world-famous Jazz Festivals at Montreux, Vienne and North Sea Jazz, as well as choral festivals in such diverse locations as Limerick, Riva del Garda, Mid-Europe and Cantonigros in and around Barcelona


Why not contact us for further details on these and many other festivals? You may even have your own favourite that we don’t know about, and we’re happy to incorporate those arrangements into an overall tour.

New for 2019 – Participate in our 1st ever Festival in the Loire ‘Music On Stage – Musique en scène’

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