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We’re in it for the long-haul!

The countdown to OneStage’s 20th anniversary on 1st February 2020 is about to begin. There will be some exciting projects and familiarisation trips (in the planning stages) in the run up to the event. We hope to keep you in tune with our projects.

We are also building a new website, which will be mobile-friendly and hope to guide you to destinations suited to your ensemble. In the meantime, in addition to our successful European concert tour portfolio, we invite you to view this post as our ‘temporary space’ to look at some of the long-haul destinations across the globe, which might work well for any ensembles who are:

  • celebrating a special anniversary
  • interested in visiting partner / sister schools in Asia, South America or anywhere else in the world
  • looking for something more exotic
  • interested in exploring cultures and music outside the Western music world

Click on the links below to find out other long-haul places you can visit on a music tour:

Mandarin Hotel Skyline

The USA –

Be Inspired: Discover New York, Philadelphia & Washington DC

Be Inspired: Discover California, West Coast USA



Be Inspired: Discover Ontario





Be Inspired: Discover Hong KongHong Kong

Be Inspired: Discover Malaysia & Singapore

Be Inspired: Discover Vietnam



Be Inspired: Discover New Zealand

Be Inspired: Discover Australia

Please contact us for more information, such as prices based on your intended dates of travel and more advice about touring these destinations with your ensemble.


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