Venues and repertoire  

We think very carefully about venue selection from the sales discussion stage of your tour planning. Elements we take into consideration when planning your tour are:  

The size of ensemble and style of repertoire: This determines the types of venues you can perform in. A jazz band isn’t suited to performing in a cathedral and likewise an a cappella sacred choir would prefer not to sing in a jazz club! Choosing a well-known / popular piece or two can be essential to pulling in a good audience.  

Ability and level of the musicians: This helps us assess the types of venues you might be interested in playing in. Do you want to perform in a concert hall, outdoors, a grand cathedral or a smaller parish church? Or do you simply want a cosy venue with a welcoming audience. 

Budget: Every venue has a different price tag and when we propose venues to you, they will be budgeted for accordingly within your tour package  

Dates: We can advise you about destinations but it’s important to consider your tour dates  

Promotion: By providing us with high quality materials, we can promote your concerts via a wide-range of channels, from printed materials to social media.  

Our partners abroad: In some destinations we work closely with partners or “ground operators”, many of whom have become friends over the years and who we implicitly trust. They are “in” the destination and are best placed to book venues and promote your concerts under our strict guidance.  

Collaborators: In some destinations we work directly with each supplier (hotel, restaurant, concert venue) and have over the years built up excellent relationships with charities, tourist offices, town halls, direct venues and festivals who we like to work alongside to promote concerts. We enjoy nurturing and developing new relationships on a regular basis. 

Going the Extra Mile: Booking restaurants near your venues; streamlining the itinerary; looking after your drivers in single rooms; producing an itinerary that works. These are just some of the services which we feel are integral to the detail of your tour. 

Assistance on Inspection Trips: The recce trip is a vital part of tour planning and organisation. Where we can, OneStage like to enhance your trip by taking care of the driving, navigation and translation so that you can focus on your paperwork and we can plan your itinerary together. 

Experienced Tour Managers: Our tour managers are some of the best in the business and are not just an ‘extra passenger’ or inexperienced student. They are there to ensure the smooth running of your tour and often prove to be indispensable.