OneStage Specialist Concert Tours provide tailor-made music tours for amateur ensembles. We are dedicated to arranging high-quality concert tours and sharing the joy of performing to appreciative audiences at venues around the world.  

We are a tour operator with ATOL (6767) and ABTA (Y6427) licences, meaning that your coach, train or flight tour will have full financial protection.

Why choose OneStage?  

A OneStage tour is specially designed with each client’s requirements in mind from the outset. Our tours are not restricted to a brochure and in addition to ‘popular’ destinations, some of our most successful tours take place in less well-known regions, or ‘off the beaten path’.  

Our aim is to provide the friendliest and most musically focused service in the business. We are happy to guide you through every step of the touring process, whether you’re a first-time tourer or have being touring for 30 years. OneStage is here to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our Musical Integrity 

Music tours are our sole focus.  

At OneStage, we are all musicians with an interest in performing and attending performances. Working with other musicians with linguistic abilities and a passion for travel this ethos is echoed not only amongst our core staff but with many our concert organisers, festivals and partners across the world. Your performance requirements are important to us and help us to determine the best destinations and venues for your ensembles.  

The Personal Touch 

We like to talk.  

A telephone consultation or face to face meeting is essential. We would like to know about your ensemble, the people in your ensemble, about you and your group’s expectations.  

We try and meet all our clients, whether it’s in the preliminary tour planning stages or after you’ve booked your tour. We can then get down to the nitty gritty details. We can assist with tour presentations, on inspection visits and our staff are keen to accompany tours when they have time.  


Every tour is different. 

Tours for ensembles as small as 12, to as large as 200+ can all travel.   

OneStage can build a tour based on YOUR ensemble’s profile, budget and expectations. Our concert proposals are adapted to the standard and level at which you are comfortable performing and take in to account your budget from the start. 


The secret to our success. 

We will listen to you and provide the best service possible for your tour.  Every tour has a different specification. 

We understand that you may be required to present a range of quotations from different companies. Please talk to us about how we can tailor your tour to fit your requirements.

Our Affiliates

We are passionate about music education and the arts. We are affiliated to the following organisations.  

Music Teacher Association 
Music Mark 
Choirs on the net  
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