FESTIVALS Musique en scène poster

The opportunity to participate in a music festival enables you to be part of an established event and entice performers to tour with the lure of a festival name or the promise of being part of something bigger. As musicians we understand the value of you participating in local, national or international festival sand we have links all over Europe to events that might interest a variety of ensembles.   

To audition for any festival we require a portfolio of your ensemble to include: video or audio recording, photograph of your ensemble performing, biography and sample repertoire. The more we know about you the better placed we are to make applications on your behalf.  

OneStage currently have two “in-house” festivals as well as links to independent festivals. Here are some of our most popular festival links 

Vienne Jazz Festival

The Vienne Jazz Festival takes place annually and we are lucky to be frequently able to offer performances on the Cybèle Stage as part of the festival. Contact us today to find out more.

Montreux Jazz Festival

The Montreux Jazz Festival is a fabulous opportunity for big bands and jazz bands to perform on the “In the Park Stage” at one of Europe’s biggest Jazz Festivals.

OneStage Bonn, Beethoven & Birthdays

A one-off festival in June and July 2020 celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Beethoven and 20 years of OneStage.

OneStage “Musique en scène” Loire Valley

Taking place in the Loire Valley France in June and July each year, the festival is open to all types of ensembles and both adult and youth groups. A wide range of venues includes chateau, concert halls, churches, cathedrals and outdoor spaces.