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Committee meeting near Verviers

Musique en scène Wallonie 2020.

OneStage are delighted to present our second in-house festival in Wallonia, Belgium. Wallonia is the French speaking part of Belgium to the south of Brussels and stretches from the French border in the West down to the rural Ardennes region (perfect for outdoor pursuits and cycling) and borders Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands to the East. Wallonia is one of OneStage's most popular destinations due to it's proximity to the UK, our wealth of fantastic concert venues and the brilliant variety of excursions and activities the region has to offer and all of this BEFORE we mention the locally brewed beer and artisan cheeses! 

At the end of January, Sarah and Ali spent four days meeting venue contacts and accommodations in the region and were delighted with the enthusiasm of local organisers. We found ourselves with more venues than we have need for concerts and look forward to developing our relationships with these contacts in the coming years.

Marie and Ella visited the area at the end of February with a client from a music service who will be travelling to Wallonia with 100 young musicians in July. Their visit coincides with the 21st July, the Belgian National Holiday and they are delighted to be participating in two concerts as part of these festivities.

To find out more about Wallonia take a look at our destination pages 

Keep your eye on  for details of all the concerts in the region.